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Round 1, Challenge #3: "How The Years Go By"

Title: How The Years Go By
Rating: G
Word Count: 246
Summary: Yunho's gone through another year, and counting.
Warnings: character death.

It's late, and Yunho's not sure what time it is. The digital clock on the bedside table is still a blur of red, harsh in the dim light of the moon. He doesn't really care; he's got nothing to wake up for in the mornings, now. A smoke, a small glass of warm milk, and it's another night of restlessness and a piece of his heart missing, bleeding out.


January 26, 2018. It's someone else's birthday today, someone in the world that doesn't remind Yunho of champagne kisses on a starry-lit bridge in Paris, someone who doesn't remind Yunho of home cooking like his mother used to make, pink apron and a smile that held secrets (he knew every one), someone who doesn't remind Yunho every day of something he'll never have again.

It's just another day.


They call him a leader, but Yunho's always been behind a year.

Now, he can't even count how far he's fallen. The clock's still red and there's no one to catch him anymore.


There's no reunion tour. Yunho watches Junsu on a screen and tells himself he's not crying for Jaejoong. He was always a horrible liar.


There's only two more days until 2018's over and Yunho counts down another year, hopes he might fall out of loving someone who's been gone for three. Yunho's New Year's resolutions never did pan out the way he wanted them to.

Maybe this year will be different.
Tags: round 1: c#3
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