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Round 1, Challenge #1: "Promises"

Title: Promises
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 941
Summary: Sometimes, you have to keep your promise in any way possible.
Warnings: character death

I got out of the bed silently, making my way in the dark as I located my clothes, and quickly put them on again. A ninja should never let his guard down, no matter what the circumstance was, and I was going to abide to every written and spoken rule of the ninja world.

“Yunho-yah,” a voice spoke behind me, but I didn’t turn. I merely nodded, letting him know I was listening. “Are you going now?” he asked, his voice still deep and hoarse from that moment of passion.

“You have your duty too,” I said sternly, putting my weapon pouch wrapped around my right thigh, where I could get to it whenever I needed to.

“I know. I’m not abandoning them,” he said, and I turned around, watching him as he smiled meaningfully at me, his figure illuminated by the moonlight streaming from the window. “Good luck. And take care.”

I snorted and walked to the front door. I couldn’t afford myself to be sentimental, not at the time of war. Later, when peaceful times came, then maybe I would be able to show my love to him freely.

“Please. Be safe,” he said, worry lacing his tone as he stood up, clad in a white robe only, and stood behind me, hugging me as he pressed his chest to my back. “You are mine as I am yours. I will wait for you forever. Will you?”

I looked down at the wooden floor, my inner mind having a battle of its own.

“Of course.”


I jumped from one tree branch to another, my breath coming in short, quick pants as my heart raced. My team was told to spy on the Choshu clan, but we were found out, and now only I am left.

Jumping onto a lower branch, I evaded a projectile thrown at me. I needed to get them to the area where the trap was set, and the mission would be accomplished.

The next few minutes went like a blur to me. I rushed to the trap, and a huge explosion took place, killing off all of the enemy’s spies and ninjas almost instantly.

I stopped to calm my heart beat and looked down at a spy who was still alive, although I knew for a fact he was almost dead.

“How did you survive?” he asked with much difficulty. “There was poison in the dart that struck you.”

I snorted. “I know that,” I said as I looked down at my arm that was slowly getting paralyzed.

“Unlike you, I have someone I have to go back to.”


I landed silently behind a crowd gathered in the backyard of the Shinsengumi headquarters, and wondered what was wrong.

“Hijikata-san, is there something wrong?” I asked when I saw him looking troubled.

“Ah, Yunho,” Hijikata-san looked at me with surprise. “No… it’s just that… Jaejoong…”

I felt my blood go cold as I heard his name spoken in that tone. It was unsettling, very much so.

“What happened to him?” I asked, frowning deeply.

“He was doing his job as a spy, disguising as a geisha to get into our enemy’s headquarters, but he was found out,” Hijikata said, taking a deep breath as if bracing himself to break the news. “They nearly raped him… but he… killed himself before they could. He was left in a gutter afterwards, and we found him there.”

“You are mine as I am yours. I will wait for you forever. Will you?”

That sentence replayed in my mind over and over as I walked over to the center of the backyard, the other fighters moving aside to give me way. A few moments later, I could see him, lying on layers of white cloth, clad in the white robe I last saw him in, and looking so peaceful.

“Jae,” I called softly as I stroked his face. “Are you going to wait for me?” I asked, taking his hand in mine. It was cold, yet it was still so smooth. I figured he died because of the poison he always kept with him in case things went wrong.

But this time, it went far beyond his ability.

I smiled a little. “How does it feel Jae? To be relieved of your duties… to be able to be free of fear, the shadows of the war…”

I felt my vision blackening, but I could care less. I’m not going to make him wait any longer for me. Not after all this time he spent in waiting, anxious if I would ever come back to him.


“Yunho-yah,” Jaejoong called, and I smiled as I looked up at him. “Welcome home.”

I grinned a little at him. “I’m home.”

“Look,” he said as he hugged me from behind, pointing at the crowd gathered in the backyard of Shinsengumi headquarters, an altar set up in front of lines and lines of men clad in black. “Are they doing a funeral for us?” he asked, a hint of childishness in his tone, something I hadn’t heard in a long time.

“Maybe they are,” I shrugged, looking back at him as I kissed him softly. “I’m sorry for all these times.”

He smiled then, understanding and forgiving. “That’s alright,” he said, patting my head as if I’m his child. “I don’t mind as long as you’re safe.”

I laughed, but quickly hugged him, feeling the tears stream down my face as I let out all my frustration and self-hate.

“You are mine as I am yours,” Jaejoong repeated as he hugged me tightly. “You kept your promise, Yunnie-yah.”

“Like you did yours.”
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