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Round 1, Challenge #4: "Your Beautiful Bandit"

Title: Your Beautiful Bandit
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2,868
Summary: Yunho is a detective while Jaejoong is, well, experienced.
Warnings: none

“Good morning, Jaejoong-shi.” A tall man greeted as he rushed inside the elevator, his face lighting up at the sight of the man he fancied.

“Good morning, Yunho-shi.” An effeminate man greeted back with a smile. “Off to work?”

“Yes.” Yunho answered as he looked down on his corporate outfit and suitcase. “Off to another part-time job?”

Jaejoong nodded briefly, smile never leaving his soft features that had gotten Yunho’s attention at first sight.

The taller man had always wondered as to why the other have a couple of part-time jobs but never had a full-time one. But he didn’t have the courage to ask. They weren’t that close after all. Though Yunho want them to be good friends, or even more if possible, his job kept him busy, thus, he could only seize every opportunity he could get, like getting in the elevator with him every day, perhaps? “I see.” Yunho replied shortly. He had been meaning to ask what his next job was but decided against it.

Jaejoong didn’t strike the taller as a cold person, but he seemed to be one who preferred his private life, well, private.

The ‘ding’ of the elevator broke the silence as the two looked up at the small screen that signaled they were on the ground floor.

“Have a good day, then.”

“You too.” Jaejoong flashed another smile, unaware of what it did to the other. “See you later.”

Yunho could only smile back; almost unable to make a step forward as he watched Jaejoong’s back disappear out of the complex. Every day, he would wonder why the other would sometimes say ‘See you later’ though they never really did.


Yunho woke up at the sound of his alarm clock, a little stretching and he was up. He went straight to the bathroom to wash his face before heading to the kitchen for breakfast. He had to prepare his own since he got the unit, which luckily for him was beside Jaejoong’s, all for himself.

“Not again?” He coursed at the sight of an orange peel beside the fruit basket resting atop the table.

Ever since Yunho moved to his apartment, two and a half months ago, he would find his main door unlocked, an orange peel and the doors of the balcony opened once he had woken up, twice a month. He didn’t mind at first for nothing, except an orange, had been harmed nor went missing. But today was the third time that month.



Yunho heard a voice call out to him, making him turn just after pressing the up button of the elevator. “Jaejoong-shi?” He could only guess for the only thing he could see were a pair of smiling eyes and black silky hair which was unusually not covering his forehead because of the oddly-shaped silver hairpin.

The pretty-looking man was practically hidden behind two paper bags full of groceries. “I didn’t see you this morning.”

The slight worry in the other’s voice brightened Yunho’s rather dull day. Aside from the fact that he missed seeing Jaejoong in the elevator, he was way too stressed about the incident earlier that morning, or was it actually night? Yunho still had not a single clue as to how it happened or who did it. “Something came up, so I left a little late.” Noticing how the other was struggling with his groceries, he decided to offer a hand. “Would you mind if I help you with that?” He said, motioning for the paper bags.

“Thanks.” Jaejoong handed the taller man one of the bags. “I could handle this one.” He smiled.

The two entered the elevator silently, Yunho giving way for Jaejoong to enter first. They waited for other people to come in but no one did.

“I hope everything’s fine.” The pretty one spoke, staring at his reflection on the stainless sliding door.


“About this morning.” Jaejoong reminded for it seemed that Yunho had forgotten their topic.

“Oh! Well, something odd happened.” Yunho stopped, unsure if he wanted to bother the other with his problem.

Sensing Yunho’s uneasiness, Jaejoong decided to ask. “Mind sharing?”

“It has been happening for quite a while now.” The tall man paused, thinking of how to put things together without sounding like a complete weirdo in front of the man he liked. He told Jaejoong his situation, actually succeeding at his aim not to sound peculiar.

“You should probably report this.” The pretty one advised.

“I already have.”

Jaejoong’s lips formed an ‘o’ as he nodded his head slowly. “Be careful then.” His eyebrows were slightly lifted in worry.

“Don’t worry about me. Watch out for yourself. You live next door and who knows what the culprit might do next.”

“Seriously, I’ll be fine. I might look like it, but I’m not that weak.”

“No, I didn’t mean that!” Alarmed that he might have offended Jaejoong, Yunho exclaimed but was only replied with a smile without actually looking at him. “Well, I just thought I’d warn you.”

“That’s too nice of you.” Jaejoong finally faced the other, slightly looking up, giving a smile sweeter than that of earlier.

Yunho’s heart was at a loss whether to skip a beat of quicken its pace. “If you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask for my help.”

Upon reaching the seventh floor, the door slid open with a ‘ding’ and the two stepped out, walking leisurely towards the same direction.

“Mind if we drop this off at my place? Jaejoong asked.

Yunho shook his head. “Not at all.”

The two made it to Jaejoong’s doorstep without much trouble.

“Come in.”

“Wow.” Was the first thing Yunho said a he took in the sight before him. He almost thought he was in an art gallery for there were stuffs you couldn’t find in an ordinary house and he couldn’t find an unornamented spot. “Did you decorate your house on your own?” He asked out of curiosity, forgetting that he was still carrying the paper bag.

“I did.” Jaejoong smiled, scooting closer to Yunho to take his groceries. “Feel free to roam around the living room while I make you something to drink.”

“You don’t have to.”

“It’s the least I could do to return the favor.” With that, Jaejoong disappeared to the kitchen with a smile.

One thing that caught Yunho’s attention the most were the masks of different shapes and colors were plastered on the wall in all their glittering glory. They weren’t just fancy-looking; they probably cost a fortune too.

The clinging sound of the cups as it made contact with the glass table brought Yunho’s attention back to Jaejoong. “Green tea might help you relax. You seemed pretty stressed. Please have a seat.”

“Thanks.” The tall man walked over to where the other was, loosening his tie as he did so. “Very interesting collection you got there.” He said once he had settled on the couch, facing Jaejoong who was seating opposite him with the table between them.

“Ah, you ain’t see nothing yet.” Jaejoong grinned as he took his own cup.

Yunho was afraid he might fall of the couch when the effeminate man flashed him that smile. “Where did you get those?”

“Well, I used to work as a stage actor. We used them as props and I talked my way to have those end up on my wall.”

“Ah.” Yunho nodded. “I was thinking for a second how much it had cost you.” He smiled jokingly.

“I could show you around my humble home some time. If you’re interested that is.”

This was not a chance Yunho could let slip, definitely not. “How ‘bout now.”

Jaejoong had Yunho closely following him as he showed him more of his collections. There was basically everything one could think of; from tea pots, to watches, to mirrors, to – hair barrettes?

“Do you actually use this?” Yunho asked, picking up one of the barrettes.

“I sometimes do.” Jaejoong confidently replied. “They’re prank gifts from a friend.” He chuckled at the reminiscence. “He loved to call me a woman. But I guess I can’t blame him.”

Yunho listened intently, taking note of Jaejoong’s confident aura and wondering if that prank hadn’t affected his ego as a man. “Ow, do you collect hairpins as well?” His eyes diverted to the silver thing adorning the other’s black hair.

“Oh.” Jaejoong cast his eyes upward just to indicate he knew what Yunho meant. He twirled his head around gracefully, sending the hairpin flying, only to have it land on his palm.

“Wow.” The taller said flatly, stunned at the trick the other pulled.

Jaejoong could only chuckle at Yunho’s reaction, or lack thereof. “That’s what you get for traveling with the circus for a year and a half. I’m afraid I might lose my touch so I practice being graceful whenever I had the chance.”

“I feel like an amateur standing beside you.” Yunho joked.

“You’re the one who’s looking sophisticated here with the suit and all.” Jaejoong complemented. Feel free to walk around, I really need a shower. My skin aches for some revamping.” It was his turn to joke.

“I don’t think so.” Yunho knew he might sound like he was flirting, which he actually was, but he could care less.

“But seriously, being a gymnastics instructor is taking a toll on my skin.”


After what seemed like hours of Yunho’s thoughts swirling around a particular someone next door, he was finally a nanosecond away from slumber, only to bolt up once again. His heart thumped against his chest as he heard the balcony door creek. He then made a run for it.

“Aish!” Yunho cursed as he found the two doors still slightly moving. “Almost caught him.” He then stepped out to the balcony, realizing how cold the floor was. He looked for any sign of the culprit but found none. He was about to retreat when he spotted a rope tied around the lower corner of the balcony’s railing.

He went back to the kitchen and as expected, there was an orange peel. He looked around when a somewhat sweet unfamiliar scent reached his nostrils but found nothing out of place, except the orange of course.


“No hairpin today, eh?” Yunho teased as he got in the elevator.

“Nah.” Jaejoong replied coolly. “I use it to keep my bangs away from my face during training sessions, which I have on M-W-F.”

“I see.”

“The eye bags are telling me something.” It was the shorter’s turn to tease.

“You guessed right.” Yunho sighed.


Yunho lied awake on his bed with the lamp on. He was happy, despite the fact that he had lost two oranges that week, considering it was only Thursday. Actually, he thanked the disappearance of the oranges for it was somehow responsible for the closeness he now shared with Jaejoong. When he had visited the other’s house the previous day, he found out more about him. But what made it more interesting was, the more he learned about the other, the more mysterious he seemed to be. Jaejoong was an endless puzzle; once Yunho laid one fitting piece, the puzzle would expand by two.

He drifted his attention on the clock. Having some time to spare, he decided to make use of it to think things through.

“Only one more clue.” He smiled to himself with his eyes closed.


“What’s wrong?” Yunho approached Jaejoong who was standing by the elevator which had just closed.

“I was waiting for you.” The shorter flashed a smile.

“Do you need something?”

“No.” Jaejoong replied in that confident tone as he watched at the digits drop. “You’ve been waiting for me almost everyday, so I thought it was time to turn the tables.”

“You’ve noticed.” The tall man was glad the other wasn’t looking at him at the moment for his face was totally flushed.

“I guess I did.” Jaejoong smirked. “I’m not a licensed detective for nothing.”

“Seriously, how many jobs have you had?”

The sliding door opened and the two entered like usual with Yunho following closely behind Jaejoong.

“I’ve never been a math teacher, that’s all I could assure you.”

Both men chuckled, gaining odd looks from the people around them. They then chose to keep silent during the whole ride to the ground floor.

“See you later!” Jaejoong bowed slightly to the other man as they parted ways.


Yunho jumped from his bed with the slightest sound of the door, whichever door it was. His senses were as sharp as a week ago; it was just that he was expecting tonight’s intrusion.

He made a run out of his bedroom and towards the balcony, hoping that the thief hadn’t made it there yet. But to his dismay, a whiff of that sweet scent and a glimpse of a man was all he got.

The man wore something rather tight for it hugged his form perfectly, making his silhouette look like he was naked but the moonlight’s reflection said he was wrapped with leather.

It amazed the tall man to no ends as to how he remembered that much of a detail when he probably had a second or two sight of the man. With a smile, a conceited one at that, he brushed the thought off. He took his night robe before heading out of his unit.

After a couple of knocks against the door, it finally swung open. “So this is what you meant when you say ‘see you later’ on random days.” Yunho grinned. “I suppose there’s no need to state the obvious.” The raise of an eyebrow was Yunho’s only movement.

“I guess not.” Jaejoong, also wearing a robe, answered with a grin. “Tell me what I want to hear.” He stepped aside to let Yunho in.

“I don’t even know where to begin.” Yunho chuckled. “But I should praise you. That was very smart.”


“You left the rope on purpose, without actually using it.”

“Why do you sound so sure?”

“With all the skills you learned in the circus, you could have made use of it in any way you wanted. But being at the seventh floor, your life wasn’t assured, especially when everyone’s probably busy snoring to help you if ever. Besides, who needs a rope when you can just hop over the railing to get to your own balcony?”

“You aren’t a third rated detective after all.”

“So are you. It takes a lot of intelligence to plot such act.”

Jaejoong smiled. “And then?”

“Your shampoo was strongly sweet. It left a scent everywhere you go after using it but I don’t remember having a whiff of it in the morning, considering how close we always and how packed the elevator was.”

The effeminate man just nodded, telling Yunho he was heading the right way.

“You only use that shampoo on, let’s say, M-W-F; when you have a gymnastics class, where having your hair damp is inevitable. Knowing you much as to know how much of a vain you are, it calls for something extra special. But you could have chosen a less scented one. So again, you used that shampoo in purpose.”

“What are you trying to imply?”

“We’ll get there.” Yunho grinned. “Second to the easiest part is how you managed to get through the main door. You used your hairpin. No wonder it was shaped like that.” He chuckled. “But what I’m wondering about is how you managed to have it stay on your hair without falling off.”

Jaejoong pouted when Yunho teased him, again. “So, what’s the easiest part?”

“Not yet.” Yunho scooted closer to Jaejoong, shaking his head.

The shorter stood firmly in an almost inviting manner.

When Yunho was close enough to look down on the other, a smirk appeared on his face. In one swift move, he pulled the tie that held Jaejoong’s robe in place.

The poor robe fell on the floor rather mercilessly, revealing Jaejoong in a tight black leather outfit, which somehow resembled Catwoman’s.

“I assume this is one of your previous costumes. No wonder why your friend loves to call you a woman.”

Jaejoong was about to playfully smack the other on his forearm when his hand was caught.

“And of course, not every normal person owns such unique garment.” The tall man didn’t let go of the other’s hand.

“Are you saying I’m abnormal?”

“I’d rather call you special.” Yunho chuckled. “And now, for the part you’ve been waiting for.” He smirked. “You use the orange to keep your skin flawless.”

“And the peel?”

“Normal people would think you didn’t want to leave a trace of your crime in your own house. But then, you knew I am a detective. So basically, I don’t fall on the normal people’s category. You left it for some other reason.”

“But then, I can always buy an orange, can’t I?” Jaejoong smiled teasingly.

Without any warning, Yunho pushed his body against Jaejoong, continuing his advance until the other’s back met the wall. “Of course. But you can never buy a Yunho.”
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